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Magazine Consulting & Research, Inc.

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Oxford, Mississippi 38655

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What We Offer

How do you get someone's attention? How do you keep someone's attention? With over 20,000 magazines on the market today, getting and keeping someone's attention becomes a matter of life or death for a publication. With over 30 years of consulting and research experience, we here at Magazine Consulting & Research, Inc. know what it takes to make your magazine go from just another cover on the newsstand to a magazine that speaks directly to your readers.

Here at Magazine Consulting & Research, Inc. it is our mission to transform media from run-of-the-mill to extraordinary. Through our four main areas of work, we can make your magazine--whether new or old--an overall better product. We are not a one-dimensional firm; we are able to address everything from content to design and anywhere in between. In short: if it involves magazines, we can help make it better.